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Lodi Grinding Machines is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of CNC grinding machines.

LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines was born from the collaboration of a team of specialized technicians, who have been working in the field of grinding machines for a long time.

Motivated to always pursue the best results for the end user’s satisfaction, LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines has structured design and implementation with the most innovative state–of–the–art techniques, using both Lean and Agile methodologies.
Adopting the key points of these methodologies, perfectly synchronised with our business requirements, and sharing them with all employees has led the company to achieve excellent results. We also have defined all the necessary parameters for a full satisfaction of end users, who can experience maximum performance in practical terms. The continuous dialogue with our customers allows LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines to design and manufacture grinding machines that combine fundamental elements of precision mechanics and electronics with even the most particular production requirements.

The LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines plant is located near Malpensa airport, in the greater Milan area. Its total surface under cover comprises 1,500 square metres. In addition, there is an office building of about 500 square metres where the company’s technological core is being developed and open space of some 3,000 square. metres.

LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines employs 20  internal and external staff members, including 4 technicians specialized in the mechanical and electronic maintenance and 5 design engineers for the mechanical and electronic part. The company also uses the services of external personnel.
With their passion and commitment, LGM team members keep sharing ideas which, together with their professional skills, support each project 360°. Production capacity stands at 48 machines per year.

Internally, LGM – Lodi Grinding Machines has activated all processes for the control of design, production, and maintenance to guarantee quality, traceability and above all the satisfaction of the end user. Particular attention is placed on the continuous training of staff relating to production processes, product quality, safety at work, training on new technologies, all of which allows the company to realise highest performance products.

The production range includes a line of rotary table machines, vertical rotary table machines, horizontal grinding machines and rotary table grinding machines for internal or external grinding and flat surfaces. In addition, the company specializes in manufacturing specialty grinding
machines that are designed for customers with very specific manufacturing needs. Working side by side with our partner–customers to design and develop innovative technologies and services that improve their businesses now and in the future is a cornerstone of LGM’s corporate policy.

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